Flower Courses

Flowers give such pleasure to so many people that there is hardly a home without at least one flower growing outside the door. Flowers have inspired passionate collecting â€" think orchids and tulips â€" obsessive breeding of more and more exotic varieties. And the cut flower industry has an estimated worth of more than US$7 billion worldwide. In Australia, the expansion of the cut flower industry is due largely to the production of wildflowers, that is flowers and foliage native to Australia and also South African protease which flourish in Mediterranean climate zones of the southern hemisphere.

Commercial flower growing is technically challenging and labour-intensive. There are job opportunities on many levels and opportunities for growing flowers as a business. As with all employment or business enterprises, education and training are vitally important.

We have a wealth of flower related courses, suitable for a professional needing to upgrade qualifications, an amateur wanting to learn more about a hobby, or someone interested in starting a new career.

You can study cut flower production at the Statement of Achievement or Certificate level, and you can learn about growing individual species including orchids, pelargoniums (geraniums), roses, fuchsias, camellias or carnations, African violets, azaleas and rhododendrons and conifers. Whatever takes your fancy?

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